Therapy Methods

III. Psychotropic Drugs

Inside each child there is a story to be told – a story that no-one else has yet had time to listen to.”
— Donald W. Winnicott

In general, I am usually critical towards an overly-fast and exclusive prescription of psychotropic drugs. However, this does not mean that I do not consider the administration of a medication in individual cases as appropriate and necessary. Sometimes, if the symptoms are too burdensome, e.g. in case of a depressive disorder, a psychotherapeutic treatment is only possible with the help of psychotropic drugs at first.

However, the medical treatment should be extensively discussed with the child, the parents and the paediatrician/child psychiatrist and should never be an exclusive treatment.

If a medical treatment is advised for your child, I will happily make an appointment for you with the practice leading child and adolescent psychiatrist.