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Maybe your parents have decided that a child therapy would be good for you.  Or perhaps you have made this decision yourself. Maybe you are a little scared and have a twinge in your stomach because you don't quite know what to expect. Perhaps you have already been to a child psychotherapist and know what happens during the therapy, but you don't know me.

That's why I'd like to tell you a little about what child psychotherapy, who I am and what my therapy room looks like.

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People still have the prejudice that people who seek psychotherapeutic help are somehow “crazy”. In fact, in most countries across the world psychotherapists work with “normal” people. Usually, these people only have difficulties with dealing with certain challenges and experiences during a short period of time. Almost all people need a little support at some point in their lives and most of them consult a psychotherapist to understand what is going on and improve their lives.

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  • Cost coverage by the basic health insurance

    As I work in delegation, sessions are billed via the TARMED tariff.

    All costs are covered by the basic insurance of all health insurances, excluding the annual franchise and the client’s contribution of 10%.

    What is delegated psychotherapy?

    Delegated psychotherapy is a term that is unique for Switzerland. It refers to the situation in which a client is not treated directly by the psychiatrists (doctor). The doctor delegates the task of psychotherapy to the professionally qualified psychotherapist. Just like all medical treatment costs are covered by the basic health insurance, this also applies with psychotherapy.

    Since 1981, the delegated psychotherapy is a mandatory service of the health insurance in accordance with the jurisdiction of the “Eidgenössischen Versicherungsgerichts (EVG)” (Federal Insurance Court).

    You can find more information on delegated therapy here:

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    What does that mean for the patient or you, the parents?

    After the initial consultation, I will make an appointment with the practice leading and delegating child and adolescent psychiatrist. She will prescribe a psychotherapy – if indicated – but not facilitate it herself.