Emergency Numbers

In case of an emergency, please contact the following institutions:

  • Clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy of the Psychiatric university clinic Zurich (PUK) emergency services. Central emergency services telephone: 043 499 26 26
  • Emergency Psychiatrist. In certain cases, the emergency psychiatrist will be able to come to your house. The doctor's telephone is manned 24/7 and will refer you to an emergency psychiatrist on duty. Tel.: 044 421 21 21
  • Crisis Intervention Centre (Kriseninterventionszentrum (KIZ)). The KIZ offers outpatient as well as short inpatient care. It is located on Militärstrasse 8 in 8004 Zurich, close to the main train station. Please register via phone first. Tel.:  044 296 73 10
  • Emergency numbers for psychological and psychiatric emergencies in the canton of Zurich
  • You will find the information about therapy referrals and emergency numbers of the different regions in the canton of Zurich on the ZGPP website (Zürcher Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie (Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Zurich.

Informations in German

Information in English

For young adults:

  • Information about what young people think about their experiences of having a mental health difficulty, including some reports.
  • Feelings and experiences: Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Young people who have experienced these have come up with some strategies that having helped them. They have shared their thoughts so that other young people can benefit from them. You can add your own comments at the bottom of the news page:

  • New films on Depression: Nick Midgley, an ACP member and child and adolescent psychotherapist, has worked with a group of young people who had been referred to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), plus their parents and a small team of film-makers, to make two short films. One is an animation about young people's experience of depression and of therapy, and the second is the parents' perspective on having a child suffering from depression and seeking professional help.

Follow the links below. ('Facing Shadows' was viewed over 3,000 times in its first week, partly thanks to Stephen Fry tweeting about it!).

Facing Shadows

Journey Through the Shadows